FiberTV Services

Our FiberTV packages have something for everyone—whether you just watch the local channels or consider yourself a movie buff.

Plus! No matter which FiberTV package you choose, you’ll have the ability to take it everywhere you go with Watch TV Everywhere. Watch it on your computer, tablet or any mobile device.

Our package options include:

Simple                                       $49.95
Take in all the local channels on our most affordable package.

Select                                         $102.95
Enjoy all the local channels as well as other fan favorites like Disney, HGTV and ESPN.

Premier                                      $109.95
Improve your overall TV experience with over 60 channels in high definition, including the Golf Channel and Hallmark.

Movie Multiplexes
Make your FiberTV experience better by adding one or more movieplexes.

STARZ                                       $13.95
Cinemax                                    $14.95
Showtime                                  $14.95
HBO                                           $17.95

If you’re a movie buff, add all of the movie channels to your FiberTV package.

Total Hollywood (add-on)            $60.95

Premium Channels
Adult Content                              $15.95
Pay-Per-View                              Prices Vary
NFL Redzone                              $60.00/season