Smart Home

Do you want a Smart Home! Are you interested in home automation and control?

Panora Telco introduces the FiberFast Smart Home. The only home automation solution you will ever need. Manage your home, keep track of the temperature, and see who is coming and going.

Smart Home service starting at $14.95/month. Hardware costs are in addition to monthly service fee. To learn more, setup a free in-home estimate. Call us today at (641) 755-2424.

Monitor or control your home from any Internet connected device – computer, tablet or smartphone:

1. Front Door – See who’s at the door or who’s come or gone, control access

2. Lights – Turn lights or appliances on or off

3. Video Cameras – Record comings & going on your property in home or outside – Motion activated recording – Lets you monitor your home, loved ones or family pet

4. Thermostat – Adjust the temperature in your home so its comfortable when you arrive

5. Basement – Monitor your water heater & sump pump for water related issues


  • S = Sensors, Safety, Security
  • M = Monitor, Motion, Mobile
  • A = Alerts, Alarms, Affordable
  • R = Remote, Recording, Reports
  • T = Tracking, Texts, Time

FiberFast Smart Home Controls & Sensors

Fiber Fast Smart Home Service Brochure