Managed Wi-Fi

Getting Wi-Fi coverage throughout an entire home can be difficult. Users can have a hard time distinguishing between what is poor Internet and what is poor Wi-Fi coverage. To address these challenges and to enhance our customers’ experience Panora Telco has developed a Managed WiFi service.

So, what is Managed Wi-Fi?

  • Reliable, whole home Wi-Fi
  • 802.11 ax wireless LAN for a complete range of wireless compatibility
  • Gigabit WAN and LAN connections
  • Includes the CommandIQ smartphone app to control access and security
  • Easy to use parental controls

With Managed Wi-Fi, you no longer need to buy equipment only to have to replace it when trouble arises or the technology changes. Our service includes the use of our equipment. Note that you don’t own any hardware as part of this service. The service includes coverage where customers want it and the ability for us to undertake remote support by viewing the Wi-Fi equipment and wireless connected devices.

Service: $10.95/mo* – The service includes Residential Gateway – Gigaspire GS4220E and up to one Gigamesh extender – GM1028. Approximately 95% of homes can be covered by a single residential gateway and one extender. Additional mesh Wi-Fi extenders cost an additional $4.95/mo.
*Customers can combine this service with FiberTV Protection for even more value for just $12.95/mo.

Professional Installation: $89.95 – At the time of installation the existing wireless coverage is assessed and signal strength readings are taken. We consult with the customer to understand where they want coverage. We take signal readings after the installation to compare with prior coverage and to verify whole home coverage. Extending signal to additional buildings on same property may involve additional costs.

  • Assess and map your home’s Wi-Fi signal to check for interference and coverage
  • Connect up to six Wi-Fi devices
  • Provide phone-based Tech Support 8×5
  • Hardware replacement included as part of service. This warranty requires that Panora Telco receive equipment back in exchange for deploying replacement hardware. Equipment damaged through customer negligence is not covered.

Support – Panora Telco Managed Wi-Fi is a service that provides Wi-Fi coverage throughout a customer’s home. Most trouble can be resolved remotely, oftentimes without the need for customer involvement. For trouble issues that arise that require customer interaction to resolve, Panora Telco will provide remote Managed Wi-Fi support via an appointment between 8-5 Monday to Friday. Panora Telco provides regular system maintenance and will verify system updates and firmware. Should the wireless router become inoperable during service, Panora Telco will replace the equipment at no cost to the subscriber after undertaking necessary troubleshooting steps. Because the system can be managed remotely, subscribers are able to pick up replacement equipment without a technician coming onsite.

Download Managed Wi-Fi Brochure

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