Fixed Wireless Internet

Panora Telco offers wireless high-speed Internet access to customers in areas we don’t serve with underground facilities. We have offered wireless services for nearly a decade and have expanded our wireless service deployment from five (5) tower locations across Guthrie County.

Speed Packages

30/10 mbps $99.95
15/5 mbps $84.95
7/1 mbps $74.95
4/1 mbps $59.95

What are installation costs?

Several factors determine the cost for the installation of Panora Telco wireless services. If we can mount and install our equipment on your house or business, then there is a one-time installation cost of $129.95. If we have to mount and install the equipment on your property away from your primary location and bury back then the costs can be up to $249.95 (one-time installation fee). The installation price includes connection of Internet service to one computer or router. Rest assured that you will know what your costs will be prior to signing up.

Service Territory

Our wireless service territory includes areas outside the communities of Bagley, Bayard, Jamaica, Linden, and Yale.   Check out our wireless coverage map for areas where our services are available.

If you are able to see the Panora Telco tower south of Panora or the water tower in Bagley, then chances are good that you can get our High-Speed Internet service.

Note: Dallas County residents

Customers living in Dallas County south of Highway 141, north of 270th Street, and west of G Avenue may be able to receive our service as well.

We can do a free, no obligation wireless survey to verify that we can serve you. Give us a call (641) 755-2800.

Let us know that you are interested. We will do a free wireless survey of your location to determine whether you can receive our service. It will also help us determine the installation costs. Give us a call (641) 755-2800 or email us at