At home, you have a variety of reasons to use your Fiber Voice service – staying connected to family and friends across the county/world, as well as local neighbors and friends. Fiber Voice allows for unlimited calling to a wide local area, as well as access to calling options across the country and world, if you want.

Fiber Voice is included with Internet and bundle options, so you have the reliability and security you want and need. Wireless phone are great, but they don’t provide the reliability you expect in all situations like Fiber Voice does.

When you want to be clear, you want to talk with someone – not email or text them. Voice communications has changed over time, but it is still a very personal way to interact and communicate. Fiber voice make it even better, with Unified messaging, Caller ID on TV and Voicemail to email, in addition to staples like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and even 3-way calling.

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