Whole home DVR info

A DVR will change your life – regarding your TV watching because you can ‘time shift’ your favorite shows and condense them by skipping past the commercials. In addition, you can pause live TV and even rewind, using your DVR.

Even better is our whole home DVR. It allows you to record in one room and watch in another. So when you get kicked out of the room with the home theater, so Dad can watch the game – you can pick up watching your show on the family room TV.

You can even control your DVR and TV from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is handy, fun and just plain cool!

Click here to log into your FiberTV Portal.

You can even manage your DVR from your Smartphone or tablet.

Click here download the app from the Google Play Store for your Android devices.

Search for “ManageMyTVs” in the Apple App store for IOS devices.

If you don’t have log in information, contact our office (641) 755-2424 or email us at panora@netins.net and we’ll get you set up.