Get Fiber TV!

Panora Telco’s FiberTV services contains a large variety of video programming. The service includes movies, sports, news, information, entertainment and multi-channel premium movieplexes. Our all digital service offering is available in two tiers of programming, including Select  and Premier.

FiberTV also offers subscribers advanced video services like WholeHome DVR that puts you in control of live and recorded viewing. You also have access to a comprehensive, user-friendly channel guide, local channel resources, remote DVR access, HD programming, and 24 x 7 technical support.

FiberTV Packages

Additional Products & Services

Select FiberTV $   61.95    includes 1 Standard STB
Premier FiberTV $   72.95    includes 1 Standard STB
Movie Multiplexes
STARZ $   13.95    includes 9 channels from STARZ
Cinemax $   14.95    includes 8 channels from Cinemax
HBO $   17.95    includes 6 channels from HBO
Showtime $   14.95    includes 14 channels from Showtime
Total Hollywood Select $ 120.95    includes All Select channels + All Movieplexes
Total Hollywood Premier $ 131.95    includes All Premier channels + All Movieplexes
Adult Content $  15.95
Pay-Per-View Prices Vary
NFL Redzone $  50.00   (per season)
Standard Set Top Box $    5.95
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) $    9.95
Upgrade 1st STB to DVR $    6.95
Fiber TV Service Agreement $    4.50