Stay connected with Panora Telco – INS Wifi Internet Service

Panora Telco’s Internet service includes roaming Wi-Fi service access at all INS Wi-Fi locations across the state.

Enjoy Wi-Fi access across Iowa in areas served by Iowa Network Services and partners like Panora Telco.

  • Panora
  • Guthrie Center
  • Bloomfield
  • Iowa City
  • Clear Lake
  • Stanton

If you are traveling in Guthrie County, you can connect to INS Wi-Fi at these locations

  • Panora’s Downtown Historic Business District
  • Nation’s Bridge County Park
  • Guthrie County Fairgrounds Grand Stand

Look for the INSWIFI_PANR or our  FiberFast SSID and login with your primary netINS email address. Not sure what that is? Give us a call, we can help.

The INS Wifi service is free service to current Panora Telco customers. Other users may also opt to pay a fee by credit card for daily, weekend, weekly, or monthly usage. Occasionally, we can make the service available for special events at your location. Let us know.