Panora Communications Cooperative is an independent telephone company located in Panora, Iowa, providing local telephone, Internet, and video services to Panora and surrounding areas, including Lake Panorama.

Panora Communications Cooperative has 2000+ lines in service to its members. It maintains roughly 146 miles of telephone cable and fiber optics over an 87 square mile basis. This backbone allows its members to receive the most advanced telephone services available and many enhanced services such as custom calling features, voicemail and broad band communications.

Being a cooperative provides a big advantage to its members. Each year a percentage of margins (operating revenues less operating expenses) are allocated to each member at the direction of the board of directors. Since 1988 Panora Cooperative Telephone Assn., Inc has paid over $4,000,000 to their members.

Panora Telecommunications, Inc. also provides Internet services to the communities of Panora, Guthrie Center, Bayard and Linden. Panora Cooperative Cablevision Association, Inc., a subsidiary, and Panora Telecommunications, Inc. provide cable services to Panora, Linden, Jamaica, Yale and Bagley.

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